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Welcome to Wealth Made Easy 4 U

We Are Infinite Banking Experts Dedicated to Your Success

Our mission is simple: to help you regain control of your money, and ultimately your life, through an alternative financial strategy,

the Infinite Banking Concept. The idea? Instead of giving up financial control to Wall Street, financial advisors or even

traditional banks, you can control your need for finance and take control of the banking function in your life.

We believe that when you think bigger, you expand your understanding of

what’s possible — and you not only

reach, but exceed your goals and begin

to recapture lost gains.

We believe that when you think bigger, you expand your understanding of

what’s possible — and you not only

reach, but exceed your goals and begin

to recapture lost gains.

Wealth Made Easy 4 U is here to destroy the myth that you should give up control of your capital to Wall street and big banks that claim to know how to manage it better than you.

The approach at Wealth Made Easy 4 U is different. We empower you to take control and invest in yourself and the things you understand. You are your greatest asset and this is where you will receive your greatest Rate of Return.

Financial advisors promote the idea of more risk equaling more reward. We prove that's not true, there's a better way.

We oppose the idea of postponing taxes and believe that minimizing your future tax burden is more important.

Bringing You An Elevated Way

To Manage & Build Your Wealth

Partnering with Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Who Are Seeking Financial Freedom

If You Are...

An Action-Oriented Self-Starter

Open-Minded with an Abundance Mentality

Willing to Invest Time in Education and Self-Improvement

Unafraid of

Capitalizing a Policy

A Long-Term Thinker

...Then We’d Make a Great Match.

Sound Like You?

Why Use the Infinite Banking Concept?

With Financial Independence,

Your Possibilities Are Limitless

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) empowers you to accomplish your financial goals and reimagine what you thought was possible for your life.

Take control of your time and money.

What is the Infinite Banking Concept?

A banking system with a death benefit thrown in for good measure.

-R. Nelson Nash

Infinite Banking entails becoming your own banker and taking control of your financial life. It means performing the simple banking functions of depositing, borrowing, repaying and withdrawing money through a properly designed Dividend Paying Whole Life Policy.

Moving Beyond a Confined Financial Life

Means Understanding the Current Limitations

When you receive a paycheck, it goes to a bank.

Banks pay you a small amount of interest to deposit money with them and share the profits with their stockholders, not YOU!

When you purchase goods, you use third parties or cash.

By using a third party, you’re at the mercy of their terms. And if you use cash, there is a great opportunity cost.

You have capital locked away in a qualified plan or sitting in the stock market.

Using this money can result in potential penalties for access when you NEED it or losing out on potential gains.

What Benefit is the Infinite Banking Concept to YOU?

Eliminate lost interest, fees and time spent when using third party capital

Build an alternative pool of capital for tax free cash flow in retirement

A policy designed to optimize cash value growth and minimize insurance expense, resulting in way more cash value up front, and typically more death benefit at the time you're most likely to pass away

Create an asset that provides you with financing capabilities AND protection for your family or business associates with the same dollars

Contractual guarantees that allow you to SAVE, GROW, and USE your capital all at once

Minimize the effects of the biggest wealth eroders:

taxes, fees, inflation and lost opportunity cost

It’s Time to Stop Relinquishing Control of Your Money

Banking WILL be performed in your life whether you do it or not. By implementing the Infinite Banking Concept, you can be the one profiting from it.

More Control

Finance your life on your own terms

More Liquidity

Quickly access your money, tax and penalty free.

More Guarantees

Wealth Made Easy 4 U goes nowhere but up.

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How to Implement IBC With Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBC?

The Infinite Banking Concept is simply a cash flow management system, built on the platform of a dividend paying whole life insurance contract. Why is whole life insurance the chosen vehicle for IBC? The life insurance companies we use have been around for 150+ years and have A rated financial strength. These companies have never experienced any bankruptcies or needed bailed out unlike many banks over that period. We use mutual insurance companies because the policyholders are the owners, not stock holders. This means whenever the company has surplus profits they are shared with the policyholders via a dividend. High Cash Value Life Insurance gives you high liquidity, safety of principal, guaranteed growth, and tax advantages with a properly configured policy.

What is Opportunity Cost?

A crucial component to understanding why the Infinite Banking Concept makes the best financing tool is opportunity cost. When you use money you either pay interest to a bank for a loan, or lose the opportunity to earn interest when you pay cash. This is the opportunity cost of money. An IBC designed policy (High Cash Value Life Insurance) lets you grow your money and deploy capital simultaneously. When you understand this concept, you can recapture lost opportunity cost.

What is High Cash Value Life Insurance?

A high cash value life insurance policy is designed to optimize cash value growth. Policies are designed with the maximum allowed cash contributions, and minimum death benefit expenses. This design yields a cash rich policy on day 1 that is a high yielding savings asset, and an ultra liquid financing tool.

Policy Flexibility

A common misconception is that you must pay the full premium every year the rest of your life. In order to keep the policy intact, you only need to pay the base premium and the term rider (if included in policy design). If you want to stop paying the premium entirely, you can either surrender the policy for the cash value, use dividends to pay the premium (premium offset), or convert the policy to a reduced paid up whole life contract. Policies can be funded however long you choose. That may be 1 year, your entire life, or any amount of time in between.

Who is IBC for?

IBC is for anyone looking to take control of their finances and use their money when and however they see fit. This strategy allows people to buy investments, pay for college, or fund any other need while simultaneously saving and building wealth. Even if you are uninsurable, there are ways to start a policy on your husband/wife, kids, or business partner.


Whole life insurance policies have guaranteed and non-guaranteed values. The life insurance company is contractually bound to the guaranteed values in a policy illustration, as long as you pay your premium. When the company does better than its worst case scenario, they distribute the surplus in earnings through a dividend. This is really just a return of premium, remember they charged you for the worst case scenario, but they had a better year than this, so they distribute back what was overcharged. Dividends are reflected in the non-guaranteed side of a policy illustration. The companies we work with have paid dividends for over 100 years running, even through the great depression, and recession of 2008.

Why haven't I heard of this?

First off there are a small number of certified IBC practitioners. Secondly, life insurance companies have always trained agents to sell as much death benefit as possible. IBC goes against the grain of conventional financial planning, because it puts you in control of your money, instead of the banks and wall street. Wall street wants to control your money for as long as possible, and the IBC does not allow for that. It is not in the financial interests of banks and mutual fund advisors to promote the IBC. You may hear Infinite Banking referred to as Bank on Yourself, the 770 account, and investment grade life insurance, all of which are the same.

How do I access my money?

There are 3 ways to access the capital in your IBC designed policy, which are a sad way, a dumb way, and a smart way. The sad way is you pass away and the death benefit is paid to your beneficiary. The dumb way is to withdraw the money from your policy. The smart way is to take policy loans. This is really a misleading term, because when you take a policy loan, the insurance company lends you their money. You pay annual simple interest then on this money, allowing your money to stay in the policy, compounding and earning interest uninterrupted.

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